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Cultural Competency & Diversity and Ethics in Action – 03-16-19 – TBA Location @ Family Strategies
Mar 16 @ 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

3 hours Cultural Competency & Diversity + 3 hours Ethics = 6 hours of fun reviewing the general concepts you learned to earn your license to practice mental health in the State of Arizona and staying abreast of new developments since your last renewal.
Please note that this a one-day workshop that is also being offered on other days in other locations. You only need to register for one each licensure renewal period.

One Hour Break for Lunch on your own. You can bring a lunch to eat in the staff kitchen or go to a nearby restaurant. Please research your options before you arrive so we can start the afternoon promptly.


API is approved by NAADAC to offer CE’s. Provider #152131.

Workshop Goals
1. Satisfy requirements for continuing education in cultural Competence & diversity and ethics for mental health professionals practicing in Arizona.
2. Build and strengthen professional relationships among attendees and trainers.
3. Facilitate personal and professional growth of attendees and trainers using psychodramatic and sociometric concepts and methods.
4. Provide a range of experiences, including fun, in a safe setting.

Upon Completion of this Workshop, Participants will be able to:
1. Define cultural competence.
2. View behavior within a cultural context.
3. Use cultural knowledge to practice cultural skills.
4. Name and define general ethical principles.
5. Develop action plans for common ethical dilemmas.

In an effort to share this workshop with others, we’d like to video tape for marketing purposes and in an effort to share the results of this workshop with others, we may like to write up some aspect of it for a professional publication. Therefore, we offer the following for your consideration…

Registration for this workshop constitutes your consent to be videotaped. Participation in this workshop additionally constitutes your consent to participate in sociometric research that may eventually be reported in a professional journal, without your personally identifying information.

We hope you’ll still choose to join us!

Dr. Marlo Archer, CP, TEP, is a co-founder of the Arizona Psychodrama Institute, a licensed psychologist, a psychodrama Trainer, Educator, and Practitioner, a Fellow of the ASGPP and the 2013 recipient of the ASGPP Zerka T. Moreno Award.

Adena Bank Lees, LCSW, LISAC, BCETS, is an adjunct faculty member of the Arizona Psychodrama Institute and a leading expert in childhood sexual abuse treatment. As a sought after speaker and consultant, Adena has presented to and trained hundreds of mental health and allied professionals across the globe on sexual abuse and its relation to substance/process addictions, dissociation and eating disorders.

Here’s what participants have said about Cultural Competency & Diversity and Ethics in Action (2015)

“The best workshop EVER on Cultural Competency & Ethics” – Carolyn Newsome, MA, LPC, LMFT, Phoenix

“This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended because the learning process was very interactive relevant to the people in this particular group” – Yasaman Parsi, LAC

“Great way to present ethics & cultural diversity – more interesting & fun than any other class I’ve ever taken” – Roberta J. Zatkowsky, LAC, MSC, MS

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