Adam Blatner Honorary Pay-It-Forward Program


The Use of the Creative Therapies with Chemical Dependency Issues, (2009). Ed. Stephanie L. Brooke, Ph.D., NCC, Charles C Thomas Publisher, LTD, Springfield: IL. ISBN 978-0-398-07861-4.
Custodian – API – 602-456-1889.

The Creative Therapies and Eating Disorders, (2008). Ed. Stephanie L. Brooke, Ph.D., NCC, Charles C Thomas Publisher, LTD, Springfield: IL. ISBN 978-0-398-07758-7. Chapter 16 = Nourishing the Young Therapist: Action Supervision with Eating Disordered Clients Using the Therapeutic Spiral Model, by Kate Hudgins
Custodian – API – 602-456-1889.

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Each resource in the Adam Blatner Honorary Pay-It-Forward Program came into the program free of charge. Books have been donated by the very authors themselves, by personal friends of the authors who have donated their own signed copies of the books, by estates of the deceased, and by people who have purchased the items at full price, enjoyed them for a time, and then released them joyfully into this program.

If you’re interested in checking out one of these resources, contact the current custodian. There is no fee to check out these items and you can keep them for as long as they spark you joy and provide you a useful service. We ask a few things in return. 1) We will list your contact information for other interested individuals and will work to keep it updated. 2) When you are finished, you either return the item to us or entrust it to a new custodian and give us their contact information. 3) Experience and express gratitude wherever possible in your life.

You may consider such things as 1) Contacting the author, the donor, any of the custodians, or API to report your experience, 2) Referring others to these and other resources, 3) Sharing your learning freely, 4) Using your new skills to provide healing freely, or 5) Donating resources to this program, or better yet, CREATING new resources to release into the Universe.

Items can be checked out from API in Arizona or you can arrange to have them delivered to you in whatever creative means you can arrange. (e.g. You know Grayce will be in Chicago when you’ll be in Chicago and you ask her to bring it to you, You have a cousin in Arizona who will come get it and mail it to you, You ask API to bring it to the ASGPP Conference for you…)

Donations of Resources to Maintain this Effort are Welcome Immediately!
Donate books, papers, monographs, journals, anything you’d like to share with this community.
Just ship your donations to:

Adam Blatner Honorary Pay-It-Forward Program
A Free Service of API
1237 W. Auburn Dr.
Tempe, AZ 85283


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We don’t currently, and may never, have not-for-profit status for this and thus, no receipts for tax purposes are currently offered.


Dr. Adam Blatner, TEP, &
API Co-Founders:
Dr. Marlo Archer, TEP
Deb Gion, LPC, PAT
Grayce Gusmano, LPC, CP

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