Marlo Archer, C.P., T.E.P.

Archer Marlo 6027707100Credentials: Licensed Psychologist, Certified Psychodramatist, Trainer, Educator, Practitioner.

Work Setting: Private outpatient practice providing individual and family therapy for kids, teens, and their families. Primary focus is family-of-origin issues, including trauma and other events leading to anxiety, depression, and ineffective coping mechanisms.

First Psychodrama Experience – Observing Marcie Edmonds lead the psychodrama group at PCS in Scottsdale, AZ, 2004.

Favorite Psychodrama Moment – Sitting on a cloud in surplus reality with my deceased father, telling him about the time my cellphone went off while I was receiving a rectal exam as part of the care I received following a nearly-fatal motorcycle accident.

TEP Trainers: Ann E. Hale, Susan Powell
CP Trainers: Dorothy Baldwin Satten, Rebecca Walters
Also Trained by: Mort Satten, Zerka Moreno, Judy Swallow, Susan Aaron, Jean Campbell, Donna Little, Mary Anna Palmer, and others

Vision for API: To offer high-quality training experiences, innovative products, and networking activities that facilitate profound healing, education, and connections that promote the recognition, wide-spread use, and the reputation of psychodrama and sociometry by an Institute that will exist beyond its Founders.

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