API Testimonials

Feedback about Cultural Competency & Diversity and Ethics in Action (March, 2015)
“The best workshop EVER on Cultural Competency & Ethics” – Carolyn Newsome, MA, LPC, LMFT, Phoenix

“This was one of the best workshops I have ever attended because the learning process was very interactive relevant to the people in this particular group” – Yasaman Parsi, LAC

“Marlo takes necessary topics needed for continuing education and makes them interesting, fun, and action-oriented” – Cristine Toel, MA, LAC

Feedback about Basics of Psychodrama: Surplus Reality (March, 2015)
“It was a great first look at the basics of psychodrama. I’m glad that I came. It left me hungry for more. Can’t wait for the next class.” – Libby Nelson, CPCC, ACC, Phoenix

“Fantastic experience. Only thing that would have made it better is more time to continue the amazing work” – Lanie Smith, MPS, ATR

Feedback about Cultural Competency & Diversity and Ethics in Action (January, 2015)
“Great way to present ethics & cultural diversity – more interesting & fun than any other class I’ve ever taken” – Roberta J. Zatkowsky, LAC, MSC, MS

Feedback about Basics of Psychodrama: Canon of Creativity (November, 2014)
“Fun & active way to learn about psychodrama from knowledgeable, experienced trainers” – James Pennington

“Every API workshop I have attended has increased my knowledge and skills and I am able to powerfully apply it in practice. The trainers energize and create an incredible passion in the art of helping. – Becki Encinas

“A great way to advance your understanding of sociometry and it’s importance in your clients’ lives”

Feedback about Beginning Director’s Psychodrama Intensive (June, 2013)

“The workshops are well thought out and the modeling by the instructors is terrific. The instructors were honest, open and wonderfully real. Traning is hands on and help is always nearby when needed. Mistakes are considered and treated as learning opportunities. Marlo and Debbie were ‘in the moment’ and highly respectful of the trainees while they directed and did their own work. I loved it and give it my highest recommendation!” – Alan A., Phoenix.

“When working with AZ Psychodrama Institute, I leave with a sense that I experienced everything i could hope for. I have to believe that the method originator (Moreno) is very well represented by the heroic psychodramatists at API. There is a very strong heart & depth of knowledge within their trainers and training systems.” – Nick, MA Professional / Addiction Counseling

Feedback about Basics of Psychodrama: Scene Setting (April, 2013)

“Great Training! Can’t wait for the next one!.” – Gloria Whelchel, LPC

Feedback about Cultural Competance & Diversity in Action (March, 2013)

“Best cultural diversity training I’ve ever been to – fun, thought-provoking, enjoyable! I’ll be watching for more trainings by Marlo & API.” – Lori Olsen, MC, LPC

Feedback about Grand Opening in Action (February, 2013)

“A worthwhile experience! I attended the 2 day opening workshop and loved it. The trainers are professional, experienced, & passionate. I learned hands-on tools & techniques to integrate into my own practice with clients. I would recommend these workshops to anyone that wants to grow personally & professionally. These workshops are dynamic, creative and help professionals think outside the box.” – Jenny Scheid, LPC

Feedback about Basics of Psychodrama (January, 2013)

“Dr. Archer put on a fantastic workshop, it was informative and simplified so that I had no trouble understanding the concepts behind each psychodrama exercise and how they relate to the client. I plan to use these new tools I learned to help with the healing process of my own clients” – John McLean, MAPC

Feedback about Psychodrama 1:1 (November & December, 2012)

“Adena & Marlo do a fantastic job of making learning fun and memorable. Their workshop not only provided me with valuable new techniques I can use with my clients; they gave me a chance to connect with others in a meaningful way and EXPERIENCE first hand the power of psychodrama!” – Karen Olson, Tucson

“I really can’t think of anything I would change about the workshop. You kept to the contract and presented exactly what you intended. You accommodated the special interest of particular group members. You both worked so well together in presentation of the information. Lots of good hands-on pratice and audience participation. It helped me a lot to refresh. I was very pleased. Thank you again for allowing us to host you all. Terrific.” – Floyd Godfrey, LPC, Executive Director, Family Strategies & Coaching

“I want to share how much I enjoyed and learned from this training! The trainers were clearly knowledgeable about psychodrama and psychodramatic theory and presented it in a very clear and applicable way. They complimented each other harmoniously and demonstrated how psychodrama can be utilized in individual therapy with issues such as trauma, addiction, developmental issues, and general life stress. They provided a safe space for participants to both disclose personal issues and practice utilizing psychodramatic techniques. I would highly recommend these trainers to people who are interested in learning about psychodrama and how to apply it in your clinical practice. Plus, there was a lot of laughter and fun to make us all feel comfortable!” – Pat Ashbrook, PhD, Flagstaff, AZ

“Just a note to say that I also had a wonderful time at the workshop. Marlo and Adena did a great job of hosting….and I learned a lot of techniques that I can utilize both in my practice..and in my improv classes as I invite the performers to go deeper with their process. It’s wonderful work..and I’m excited to learn more. Thanks again for making it happen and I will be signing up for the January class.” – Shaeri Richards, Certified Hypnotherapist, Sedona, AZ

Today in session I used an exercise you demonstrated with wonderful results. I took what I learned yesterday and used it. The client refered to me as “magical!” I am glad to know it’s not me doing the work, I just have the pleasure of guiding him in it. I think I kind of improvised what was taught but it worked well and I could totally see using it again. It was awesome! Thanks again! You will see me again! – Matt Wheeler – Intern Ottawa University

“I found the program to be enlightening and fun! The techniques taught in this course have already been useful with many of my clients.” – Troy Love, LCSW

Offered as Written Feedback from Southwest School (August, 2012):


“I will use these tools in my clinical practice”

“Liked getting into groups – learned a lot!”

“Marlo brought a fresh & clear presentation & reminder to be intentional as a counselor to
evaluate and consider strengths and encourage the client to construct clear plans and the
power of decision. Fun group activity.”

Here’s What People Said about Sociometry Blitz (June, 2012)

“This was a very well thought-out and comprehensive training. Dr. Archer condensed very difficult material into understandable language and had a balance between didactic and action method. I would highly recommend this training to those who are interested in learning about the underlying factors affecting groups and how to intervene.” — Pat Ashbrook, Ph.D., Flagstaff

“Thanks Dr. Marlo! You provided an english translation of the foreign and complex language of sociometry. The clarity with which you teach is refreshing and has allowed me to integrate and clinically apply the concepts and procedures of sociometry. You are a master at naming and facilitating group process, again, consistently providing us with examples and ideas of how to apply what we were learning into our clinical practice. I highly recommend this workshop and ANY workshop facilitated by you- you make learning difficult material fun and provide the safety and trust in you and the group that makes it all worthwhile.” — Adena Bank Lees, LCSW, LISAC, BCETS, Tucson

“Dr. Archer made sociometry come to life ‘in the moment’ in a way that was understandable and applicable to my personal growth as well as professional effectiveness. Her presence and attunement to the group process allowed those gathered in the workshop to experience the impact of the sociometric process.” — Grayce Gusmano, MMFT, LPC; Scottsdale

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