Basics of Psychodrama March 4th, 2017: Five Basic Elements of Psychodrama

March 4, 2017 @ 9:00 am – 4:45 pm
Deb Gion's Office-Dobson Professional Plaza
3200 N Dobson Rd #103
Chandler, AZ 85224
$99 until 2 weeks before, $149 after that; $45 for students until 2 weeks before, and $55 after that
Deb Gion

This Beginners’ Workshop will introduce participants to action methods they can use with clients. Concepts and Structures to be demonstrated will focus on the five basic elements of psychodrama.

Students will receive a Certificate of Attendance for 6.5 hours.

There will be a 75-minute break for lunch. Attendees are encouraged to pack a bag lunch or think about lunch plans before arriving to enable the prompt start of the afternoon session.

Next Basics of Psychodrama is in July -TBA

Suggested Readings:
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Workshop Goals
1. Build and strengthen professional relationships among attendees and trainers.
2. Facilitate personal and professional growth of attendees and trainers using psychodramatic and sociometric concepts and methods.
3. Provide a range of experiences, including fun, in a safe setting.

Upon Completion of this Workshop, Participants will be able to:
1. name and define the 5 basic 5 elements of psychodrama (director, auxiliaries, audience, stage; protagonist).
2. recognize the 3 parts of a psychodrama session (warm-up, action, and integration).

Debra Wingo Gion, LPC, PAT, CGP, is a co-founder of the Arizona Psychodrama Institute. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor, has been a Certified Practitioner of Psychodrama for 25 years. She is also a nationally Certified Group Practitioner through the American Group Psychotherapy Association. She has worked in private practice settings, residential treatment centers and has worked in Canada with First Nations people as well as with the Gila River RBHA clients. She has been doing Trauma Recovery Work for 25 years, both individually and in groups. Debra incorporates her creativity, humor and calm, grounded manner in her work with clients and colleagues. She is excited to be enrolled in the Practitioner Applicant for Trainer in Psychodrama process to become a national trainer. Psychodrama students may receive up to 160 of their training hours from a PAT.

Registration for this workshop constitutes the following Informed Consent: I understand that this workshop is intended only as training, not as therapy. I am aware that psychodrama, sociometry, and group psychotherapy are powerful methods that must be used carefully. I understand that this is an experiential workshop, that is, I will be allowed and encouraged to participate actively. I understand that as a result of my participation, therapeutic issues for further exploration may be revealed and that it is my responsibility to seek professional services for therapy, if such a need should arise. Workshop leaders are available to make referrals to professionals in my area. I have also been informed that the workshop may be videotaped for Debra Wingo Gion’s Primary and Secondary TEP trainers to evaluate Debra’s teaching methods, areas of strength and to target opportunities for improvement. My identity will be held confidential and the video will only be viewed by the trainers. My registration for this workshop constitutes consent to be videotaped. My participation in this workshop additionally constitutes permission to participate in sociometric research that may eventually be reported in a professional journal, without my personally identifying information.

Here’s what people have said about Basics of Psychodrama

“It was a great first look at the basics of psychodrama. I’m glad that I came. It left me hungry for more. Can’t wait for the next class.” – Libby Nelson, CPCC, ACC, Phoenix (March, 2015)

“Fantastic experience. Only thing that would have made it better is more time to continue the amazing work” – Lanie Smith, MPS, ATR (March, 2015)

“Every API workshop I have attended has increased my knowledge and skills and I am able to powerfully apply it in practice. The trainers energize and create an incredible passion in the art of helping. – Becki Encinas (November, 2014)

“Fun & active way to learn about psychodrama from knowledgeable, experienced trainers” – James Pennington (November, 2014)

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